2018 Wedding Hair Trends

When it comes to hair trends, from bright splashes of colour to the most natural of waves, 2018 has seen it all. However, in bridal hair, there have been some clear winners for stylish brides who want to look their best on their big day. Here, we take a look at some of the biggest trends in wedding hair this year and predict what is to come for wedding hair trends in 2019.

Opt for Long and Natural

Where once the most intricate up-dos were the favoured choice for a formal wedding, hair down and long with flowing, natural waves and curls was seen much more often during 2018. The addition of floral hair accessories gives this look an ethereal edge.


Messy Up-do

Keeping the natural vibes flowing, up-dos were messier than ever, created using soft curls and pinned ad hoc, rather than with any specific or noticeable structure. The addition of an integrated plait was popular this year too.

Wedding hair trends 2019
Swept Back Bun

High buns with extra padding for a full, super-thick effect were popular for brides in 2018. Sweeping back any excess hairs, this look was particularly refined and sleek.

Sleek Ponytail

Ever a chic, full-of-class look, sleek ponytails were seen in mass on the bridal scene this year. Either centre or side partings pair with this style perfectly and often with a delicate, yet statement crystal headpiece.

Loosely Plaited Up-do

Where plaits and braids might have once seemed juvenile, the bridal season this year proved that grown-up plaits are back. Textured, tussled and intricately spun, plait up-dos were the perfect addition to a garden wedding look.


Slick Centre Parting

For those brides who weren’t into the messy trends, a slick and smooth centre parting was a popular choice for wedding day hair. With hair shiny and polished, it was either smoothed behind the ears and left down and long or slicked into a ponytail and topped with the perfect veil for the ultimate in chic bridal.

Bohemian Plaits

For hair-down looks with a little extra twist, randomly dotted plaits were added to bridal looks to up the bohemian bridal vibes. This worked best on longer hair with lots of texture and loose waves or curls.

Bohemian plaitsSuper Low Bun or Ponytail

A chic style that many chose for their bridal look was either a super-low bun or ponytail, aided by lots of hair product and finished with effortless but vital shine spray for a refined finish.

What’s the Next Big Look for Wedding Hair Trends In 2019?

Bridal trends are constantly changing and evolving like any other, so what’s the next big thing to hit wedding hair fashion for spring of 2019? Well, according to bridal fashion week, get ready to see super-chic hair styles finished with beautiful ribbon bows, drastic blunt bob cuts to pair with princess bridal dresses and more flower power accessories than ever before. If your big day is approaching and you’re looking for some inspiration, the bridal catwalk is the place to look.

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