5 Makeup Looks for a Night On The Town

There may have been a huge ‘no-makeup makeup’ moment, with ladies switching over to matte lipsticks and barely-there-coverage. It’s a fantastic look, focusing more on being ‘lightly enhanced’. Sure, when it comes to creating an achievable daily makeup routine, it’s great to be able to rock a style that looks as natural as humanly possible.

But, there is something super exciting about getting all creative when it comes to evening makeup. It’s fun to mix things up a bit when it comes to your makeup for a night out. We’re not talking about an extreme transformation that’s too bold to be recognised, with cobalt blue washed over the lids. We’re talking about those makeup looks you can wear on a night out for that instant boost of glamour.

There’s just something about changing up your go-to colours, practicing a strong contour and playing around with lipstick shades to create a more glamourous you.
So, if you’re looking for a little evening makeup inspiration, help is at hand. From glossy eyes to ombre lips, we’ve taken a little inspiration from the autumn/winter trends to help upgrade your night out makeup…


OK, so the smoky eye isn’t always everyone’s go-to look for a night out. But the beauty of the smoky eye is that there are so many ways to amend it. You don’t have to stick with black and grey. One of the most stylish updates is by giving this classic look a shimmery golden makeover. Swap out the grey and black shadows for a gold and bronze look instead. Use a darker bronze on the outer and bring a shimmering gold to the centre of the lid.

The first step is to prime your lids, so you have a smooth canvas on which to work. Secondly, apply a shimmering gold eyeshadow. Layer onto your lids using a flat eye shadow brush and sweep so it covers the entire lid. Next, use a darker bronze shade, and blend into the outer crease. Just keep blending until it blends into the gold, so the eye has a darker look to the outer edges.

Finish by applying a thick line of liner to your upper lids using a black pencil eyeliner. Don’t worry about making it perfect, a smoky eye is allowed to be messy! Line your lower lash line using the same pencil, then blend out the liner with a dark brown shadow and a small, flat brush. Voila!

Shimmering Smokey eye
Photo by nerdygirlmakeup.com


When you hear people say that you should stop wearing glitter at a certain age, remember they are talking nonsense. Nothing beats a glittery makeup look for a night out, and if you stick to a sparkling eye look, you’ll find there are so many ways you can wear this sparkly dust.

The key is ‘lightly does it’. You don’t need to go out looking like you’ve been involved in an explosion at a craft store. Choose your favourite eyeshadow shade first (non-glitter), and sweep over your entire lid. If you’re unsure, light grey or bronze always work well for evenings out. Then, just pack a glitter eyeshadow onto the centre of your lid. Keep it central and keep ‘patting’ the glitter on for more intensity.

You can also play around with creating a glitter cut crease. Use a colourful glitter eyeliner to draw a line through your crease to create a stunning and eye-catching look that’s not too ‘out there’, but draws attention!


The dewy, glossy lid is a haute beauty staple look in the fashion world. Who knew that throwing a little gloss on your eyelids could look so good?

If you’re a little reluctant to step away from your go-to eyeshadow palette, or just a bit unsure how to get this look ‘right’, then worry no further. You can still apply your favourite evening eyeshadow, and simply change it up by adding a little gloss on top.

One easy way to achieve this look is by using vaseline or coconut oil on top of your shadowed lid to add a touch of gloss. However, there are more pigmented or glittering glosses out there to buy, too.

Glossy eye lids
Photo by Real Style Network


The beauty of ombre lips is that they look overly impressive, and if you wear the trend right, you’ll look like a real makeup pro. But, it literally couldn’t be simpler to create! You just need to save a little more time aside when doing your lipstick for the night.

It’s as simple as graduating your lipstick colour from lighter in the centre of your lips, to darker around the edges. This not only creates the effect of fuller looking lips, but it’s an easy way to step up your lipstick game for the evening.
The best look is achieved if you use a red lipstick and pair it up with the darkest brown you have. Or, a light pink and then a dark pink for the ombre. The secret is to use two colours that can be used to create a gradient of colour on your lips.

The simplest way to do this is to cover your entire lips with the darker shade, and line the lips with a similar dark shade. Then, take your lighter colour and apply to the inner, central part of your lips, and blend into the dark. The finished look should be lighter in the middle, blending out to a darker gradient.

Ombré lips
Photo by SarahC_29


Jet black liner is a great way to make your eyes pop. Some people fear it, but once you master It, it really is a key show-stopping eye makeup look for evenings out. The dark jet-black colour will also make your lashes appear fuller, so win win! What’s more, it’s look a look that suits all – no matter what your age or skin tone.

You can use either a liquid liner on a tip, an eyeliner pen with a felt tip pen end, or a liner pot, in which you dip your fine brush into and sweep along the upper lash line.
We hope you can use these makeup looks and tips to inspire your next night out with your squad!

Photo by @makeup.terrific on Instagram

If you need a little help with makeup application, don’t forget you can book into a salon and have a professional do your makeup to the best standard. They will be more than happy to take inspiration from any pictures you have seen online or via Instagram.  

Have fun!

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