All the Manicure Inspiration You Need For 2019

When it comes to nails, they say more than you may think about yourself. Handshakes, playing with your hair, touching your face, typing – all these activities bring your nails to front focus. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to your natural, plain nails of course. Or even just your favorite, tried-and-true nail polish shades.

But if you’ve spent the majority of 2018 relying on your neutrals, or you’ve gotten a little bored of your trusty favorite polish, the time has come to mix things up. Each year, an impressive handful of nail trends make their way into the beauty sphere, giving us inspiration for our next manicure.

Now we’re into a brand-new year, there’s no better time to scout out the manicures you’ll be experimenting with through the new year and beyond. Here are seven non-boring manicure trends that should be on your radar right this very second.


1. All the Shades of Foil

Shiny, metallic and mirrored effects are big for 2019, and the beauty of this is that the trend can be glammed up for evenings or stripped back for the less daring. Think shiny silvers and glimmering golds and coppers, in strong foil effect for a more noticeable look. However, for those wanting a subtler foil look, ask your manicurist or nail technician for a muted rose gold, or a less mirrored silver effect.
@opi_professionals Do this perfectly!

Untitled design (9)


2. 90’s Glitter

Here’s a comeback to enjoy: glittery manicures inspired by your favourite decade will be everywhere this year. Consider these glitzy nails to be as full on as you like, but to follow the 90’s trend, it looks like bold purples, pinks and blues are set to be huge. Just like those glitter nails you wore as a teenager when dancing to Take That.
Again all credit to @opi_professionals for their stunning designs!

Untitled design (8)

3. Subtle Adornments

There is a different between adorned and embellished nails, to that of jewelled nails. Jewelled nails were a big manicure trend in 2016-2018. However, 2019 brings subtle adornment to the table, which means your nails can be vamped up by a touch of chrome, rhinestones, acrylic or gel colour, glitter or even layers of gloss. Adorned manicures mean that your nails can feature a little touch of a different colour, texture and effect to add a personal look.
Head over to @NailproMagazine for more designs!

4. Short Squoval Nails

For the ladies who prefer a chic, polished manicure, it’s the year to embrace the short and squoval shape. The squoval nail shape fits a shorter nail perfectly since it gives the sleek elegance of a square without the harsh edges. It is the perfect way of looking sophisticated and put together without uncomfortably long nails. Long, pointier nails can be expected to remain back in early 2018!
While normally this shape works best with simple, one colour nail polish, you can add a touch of light glitter to this nail shape when you head for your next manicure.
@mintyybby shows off a sleek looking white design.

Untitled design (10)


5. Bright Yellow and Greens

OK so normally you would expect to find bright shades of sunshine yellow and slime green left in the sale shelves, right? This year, these acid like shades will be everywhere, especially in the form of elevated French manicures. This way, the actual nail is polished and manicured to a standard French, with the tips being decorated with these catwalk brights. Watch this space!
For more examples, check out @mpnails •

Untitled design (11)


6. Accent Nails

The most minimalist of the spring/ summer 2019 nail manicure trends we’re expecting to see is all about small designs. These are either drawn or stuck to mostly bare nails, either all over or just on an accent nail. This trend was one of the most worn across catwalk shows forecasting 2019 fashion and beauty trend, because it is quick, easy, and versatile.
The use of creating an accent can be as dramatic or as minimal as you like. Bare nails can be used as a blank canvas to draw patterns and designs on, but our personal favourite is how bare nails are being given an accent on the nail tip only, be it a spiral, a print, letters or a stripe.
@nailpromagazine •

Untitled design (12)


7. Barely There and Nudes

Good news for those who like to keep things neutral: Nude nail polishes are a huge trend across manicures for 2019. A popular choice for choosing those spring 2019 nail polish trends, this is a step up from the usual French Manicure.
The classiest of nude nails can be created by having a solid coloured nude all across the nail, shaped to a classic squoval shape. Amendments to this trend can be switching up a barely there nude with a pinkish nude nail. Less is more…
@opinailsuk have the solution to your problems.

Untitled design (13)


8. Two Tone Nails

In an era where the world has gone crazy for Balayage locks and Ombre tresses, it looks like the nail industry is following suite.
One of the most minimalist and wearable spring/ summer 2019 nail art trends is the two-tone design, where you do nothing but have an application of your favourite solid colour and paint the tips in another colour using the shape you like.

@mpnails Have a briliant two tone design on their Instagram.

For best results with the trends above, perhaps seek some inspiration either from Pintrest or Instagram, and bring the photos to your nail technician or manicurist to ensure a professional finish.



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