Are you thinking of getting hair extensions? Here’s why you’ll love them!

Hair extensions have evolved dramatically over the last few years and are now a regular choice for many clients for a plethora of reasons. From craving that extra length to thickening out flat or fine natural hair, extensions come in many forms and can be a great way to invest in your hair, making a temporary change without the damage of lots of other treatments and solutions.



Hair Extensions


Types of Hair Extensions

There are now different types of hair extensions to suit all hair types and to create different results. With professional brands now specialising in beautiful hair extensions, they can be a great way to get the results you’ve been looking for.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the different hair extension solutions available now.

Clip-In Extensions

These are the least permanent hair extensions and can be clipped in and taken out in just a few minutes yourself at home. Simply parting the hair and adding a little back comb is enough to secure these clips for all day or night-out use.


Tape Extensions

Tape extensions come in short pieces of tape, which are then attached to the root of the hair on either side (a bit like a sandwich!). These types of extensions need to be applied and taken out by a stylist who knows how to properly line up the tapes.

Micro Bead Extensions

Micro bead/link/ring, there are several names for this type of individual extension and they’re all slightly different in terms of technique and finish. In general, this method creates a very natural effect with tapered ends, creating a long but “real” finish.

Weave Extensions

Weave extensions are sewn into the hair after the hair has been braided, making it quite a lengthy approach and one of the more long-term solutions. Working better for women with thicker hair, this needs to be done by a professional as the technique is fairly expert.


So, why get hair extensions anyway?

Get the Length You’ve Always Wanted
Hair extensions are a fantastic solution for increasing the length of hair that just won’t grow as quickly as you’d like! Similarly, they can be a great way to undo a haircut if you’ve quickly changed your mind after making a drastic change.



Get Some Extra Thickness
Hair extensions aren’t just for length. Many women add the same length hair or even cut it to their natural length because what they’re really searching for is added thickness and volume.


 Easily Style Your Hair – And It Stays In!
Although not a problem for everyone, styling hair with heat can often lead to disappointing results on natural hair with curls that just won’t stay in. When you have hair extensions blended with your natural locks, styling tends to stay polished for much longer as the hair extensions hold their shape much better than most natural hair.


 Add Some Colour Without Damaging Your Own
With the rise of the balayage trend over the last few years, lots of women have used extensions to add brightness in colour towards the ends of the hair. It is possible to use extensions as a way of creating the on-trend colour effect without damagingnatural hair with bleach.
With extensions, you can play around with your hair a little more and have fun. Adding colour to the ends, being more creative with styling, and simply having more hair to work with all means you can experiment with different looks on a temporary basis without too much commitment.

Whether you’re looking for waist-length mermaid hair or just a little extra help with volume, hair extensions could be the solution you’ve been waiting for. Our advice? Head to a stylist or hair extension specialist who will be able to take you through the best options for your hair type and advise you on what to choose to get the best possible long-hair look. Still not satisfied? head over to thefashionspot. for even more reason for hair extensions!

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