Best hairstyles for women over 40

There is so much more to a haircut than just making you feel a little special. A well thought through hairstyle that flatters your face shape doesn’t just make you feel great – it can completely change the way you look. Believe it or not, there are certain hair styles out there that will add youth to your look- and don’t we all just want to look that little bit younger?

There are various styles which can add that ‘instant facelift’, it’s just knowing which ones will work for you. So, from adding a fringe to getting a classic crop, we’ve rounded up the top hair styles to compliment women over the age of 40.

Soft, Parted Fringes

Fringes can sometimes scare a lot of people, but it’s how the fringe is cut and styled which makes all the difference. A fringe with a blunt edge can make round or square faces look bigger, so these are to be avoided.

However, a longer, feathered fringe which can be parted and worn with a loose up-do, or soft waves worn down, is amazing for framing the face and bringing out your best features.

A longer, parted fringe will add a soft, youthful edge to your look. Try it Amanda Holden style!


Loose, Shiny Waves

A style which looks groomed and glamorous, yet is super easy to create, is the ‘undone’ loose, shiny waves hair style. This looks suits ladies over 40 with any length of hair, but it usually works best with fine or medium textured hair.
To create this style yourself, you can use a large-barrelled hair wand wrapped around large sections of hair for ten seconds, shaking out with fingers when finished. However, you’ll get a longer lasting, professional result when carried out at the salon.


The Long Bob

Longer hair can start to look a little aging when you reach 40, especially if your hair is fine. It tends to lose its volume and become thinner, which is where shorter styles give it back a bit of ‘life’. However, there’s no need to go too short, and the longer styled, textured bob is hugely in fashion right now.

A textured long bob cut will create a shoulder skimming style which is easy to manage. Ask your hairdresser to cut hidden layers into a long bob and soften the edges. When styling yourself at home, you can easily pop in a few giant heated rollers around the front and mid sections, which will create a loose, volume wave.

Kim Cattrall always rocks this look well!


The Pixie Crop

A well styled pixie crop can act as an instant facelift to those with slimmer, longer faces, with more pronounced cheekbones. By getting a pixie style crop – a la Halle Berry’s signature style – you’ll straight away draw attention to your slim face shape and structured cheek bones.

If you have dark hair, look to warm up the pixie style with copper tones or chestnut hues, to break up the flat colour and add some depth. This will also add warmth to you face too. For blondes – or those trying to cover the greys – have subtle highlights of light blonde combined with caramel and honey shades, to also add the illusion of thickness.


The Side Parting/Side Fringe Style

Glamour is timeless.  Feel your most glamorous self By opting for a hair style which incorporates a sleek side-swept style with a feathered side fringe, you’ll find it will slim and ‘lift’ your cheekbones.

A long, sweeping side fringe will take any attention away from any unsymmetrical facial features, and looks effortless when the hair is worn down, or pulled into a ponytail or up-do.

A long side parted, sweeping fringe suits those who wish to keep their locks longer, or those who go for the crop. It really is that versatile.


The Balayage Bob

A basic slightly asymmetrical bob comes together well with the addition of balayage style colour. The bob can sit at any length from ear lobe skimming to the base of the neck, usually broken up with a dose of light to caramel coloured highlights.

The Balayage colouring technique is perfect for ladies over 40 because it adds subtle flashes of colour to the length, without sitting heavy on the root. Plus, the up keep is minimal, but it still adds that flash of colour. The way the colours are layered beneath the hair and through the ends adds definition and thickness, too.

One of the best ways to rock a balayage bob for a younger look, is to opt for a natural dark brown colour, with hints of caramel blondes through the ends, cut to the lower neck.

Remember, a qualified and professional stylist will re-style so many lady’s hair over 40 on a weekly basis, and will know the best styles to suit the individuals face shape, too. So don’t be afraid to have a consultation first, or to bring in examples of celebrities you love!

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