How Social Media Can Benefit Your Salon

Social media is not new to the world of salon marketing. In fact, digital marketing, including social media is now more important than regular marketing and has become a key focus for every business, salons included. If you haven’t yet committed to a regular social media strategy or post often but without enough focus, you might be missing out on a modern-day, essential and huge business opportunity.






Here, we take a look at some of the ways social media can benefit your salon, proving that this is one digital strategy you don’t want to leave as an afterthought.


Direct Appointment Bookings

A great benefit of social media is the instantaneous and direct booking capabilities through platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. A customer may see one image or paid post from you and send a message instantly to book an appointment with you. One of the fastest direct booking methods that there has ever been.

This direct messaging capability also allows you to check in on customers before their appointments, decreasing the chance of no-shows or last-minute cancellations.




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Brand Awareness

One of the key benefits of social media is the ability to make your brand known and to create awareness to a wide spectrum of potential customers. The content you create and publish through your social media channels allows you to tell your brand story and create an image and ethos that means your followers can really get to know you.

Before you begin creating content to work towards a social media-based brand awareness strategy, ensure you have a strong brand image that is reflected wholly through your salon from interior design and the vibe of the salon to the treatments that you offer your customers. This will enable you to offer your customers a fully immersive experience and ensure you are marketing your salon in the best way.







Marketing Through Feedback

Online feedback is the modern word of mouth and it’s essential to your customers and potential customers in the future. Not only does any negative feedback allow you to instantly make positive changes within your salon and aim for better feedback the next time, but social media reviews also act as a completely free marketing tool for you.


Speak Directly to Your Customers

More instant than a call or an email, convenient and up-to-date, your social media account allows you to chat directly with your customers on a personalised first name basis from the moment that you connect with them.

From Facebook business pages to Instagram profiles and Pinterest accounts, social media is a digital world of interaction, engagement and, most importantly for businesses, conversion into sales and profits. Without strong social media profiles now, salons will struggle to compete against the hordes of competitors awaiting with a strong brand image and engaged social following, lining up to try a new salon and spend their money.

Whether you use Instagram to create brand awareness locally or want to speak directly to your customers through your Facebook account, social media can benefit salons in a multitude of ways and has become an essential component of every salon’s all-important digital marketing strategy for success.




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