How to choose the best eyebrow shape for your face

You only need to take a quick look at photos from the ‘90s to see that the right brow shape can transform your face. Over plucking can age a face dramatically, while unruly brows can prevent you from having that chic and polished makeup look.

Because every face is different, there are no set-in-stone rules to eye brow shaping and it’s best to get a really good idea of your face shape before deciding which shape is right for you.


Here, we take a look at the most common face shapes and which brow shapes suit each one. Your beautician will be able to help you determine which face shape you have but most have fairly noticeable features to make it easy to define.

Oval Face

Known as the sought-after face shape, oval faces have soft but slightly more angular lines than a round face, usually with more defined cheek and brow bones.

Because of the lines of this face shape, the best way to style brows is to maintain the most natural shape of the eye brow and not create anything too angular or rounded. When accentuating the arch of the brow, ensure you don’t over define it, making it too central. The arch should be approximately two thirds of the way outwards to achieve the most flattering look.

eyebrows for oval faces

Round Face

When it comes to more rounded faces, it’s all about the angles for eye brows. Round faces are softer and slightly plumper, which means angular, well-shaped brows can really define your face and elongate your forehead, creating a more polished look.

Creating lifted arches on the brows, although not too sharply but well-defined, will help you to create this shape. These distinct brows will also help to lift and open the eyes, making them appear bigger. The current trend of bushy, up-brushed eye brows works perfectly for a round face.


Square Face

Square faces usually have a fairly defined jaw bone, which should be complimented by the brows. A very flat brow will work against the lines of the jaw bone, so if it doesn’t come naturally, helping your brows into a more defined arch will instantly transform your face.

Because of the angles of a square face, you’re going to suit a strong brow. The most important thing to avoid for a particularly square face is to create a brow that is too angular, which may be too much when paired with your lines of your face and appear a little too sharp.


Heart Face

A heart-shaped face has a rounded forehead and much more of a sharp, pointed and distinctive chin. Because of this petite jawline the bushy brows trend is often a little too much for this face shape, over-exaggerating the brow line and creating a disproportionate result.

While super-plucked brows should be long left in the ‘90s, heart-shaped faces suit a polished brow, neatly groomed into shape.

Learning to properly shape your brows to suit your face can help create a more youthful and healthy overall look. However, when it comes down to reshaping, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Not only will they be able to advise on what shape will work best for you, they can recommend the most effective way to reshape and, in some cases, regrow your brows, to create the perfect, most beautiful shape for your face.

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