How to Gain & Retain Loyal Customers for Your Salon.

When you’re running your own salon, attracting new customers is one of the biggest tasks. Retaining customers and ensuring they rebook time and time again is a different aspect of the business entirely and one that shouldn’t be left aside. Building client loyalty is the best way to ensure your clients stick with your salon for all their appointments, so here, we take a look a few of the best ways to gain loyal customers for your business.


Customer Service

This first point really goes without saying but customer service is what really makes a big impact on whether clients want to return to your salon. Being professional and offering coffee and having a great environment for their treatment is all a big part of delivering great customer service but when it comes to client loyalty, you need to consider how to take your customer service to the next level.

Ensure all your stylists are on the same page about the kind of customer service you want to offer and ensure they implement their own techniques with each of their clients. Making the effort to remember a little about your clients’ story or family so you can ask more personalized questions can make a huge impact on how loyal they feel towards their stylist and the salon itself.


Make Them Feel Special

Making your customers feel special comes on a personal level that needs to tie in with your excellent customer service. Sending personalized emails and texts regarding their birthdays and for the holidays sends out a friendlier message than a cold, automated message that begins “Dear Customer…”.

Loyalty between yourself and your customers can also be helped in a huge way by offering your most valued customers a treat from time to time. Sending a voucher for money-off or even sending them a complimentary trial treatment for a new product you are launching makes them feel that you value their custom and encourages them to stay loyal to your salon instead of experimenting with somewhere new.


Stay in Touch

Simple, yet effective. Not every customer wants to rebook after every appointment as their schedule might be just as hectic as your business diary. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have the potential to be a loyal client to your salon and they might just need a little nudge and encouragement. Popping up in their inbox with regular updates, useful information and interesting blog posts is a great way to keep your salon in their mind as their go-to beauty destination.

Use the What Salon Software

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Our specially developed salon software makes working on customer loyalty easier and more straight-forward than ever. By being able to quickly leave notes and personalized captions on every clients’ account, you can register everything mentioned above, such as birthdays and personal notes, to help you remember both when to reach out to them and important points of conversation for their next visit.

Gaining loyal customers for your salon is all about really getting to know your clients and offering them a real and personalized experience that makes them feel special. Loyal clients ensure your diary remains fully booked, which is great for profitability, but it also works for you in terms of word-of-mouth marketing and makes your customer acquisition strategy much stronger.

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