How to Prepare Your Skin for The Sun

We are starting to head into spring as the days get a little longer and the weather a little warmer. The sooner you start to prepare your skin for sun exposure, the better you will cope when the summer weather hits and the skirts come out. Giving your skin a flawless appearance as well as protecting it from harmful rays is equally important, so follow the below steps and make sure you’re one step ahead of the summer sunshine, this year.








Get Your Skin Ready for Exposure


Prepare to get your skin out and give yourself the confidence to rock any mini dress or skirt this spring and summer by prepping your skin in advance and giving yourself a smooth and flawless complexion from head to toe.


Exfoliate & Moisturise


Getting into a full body exfoliation routine will be the best thing you can do for your skin. Twice a week, use a gentle exfoliator to remove and buff all the dead skin cells from your arms and legs, focusing on key areas, such as knees and elbows. Ensure to moisturise every day at least once to keep your skin refreshed and hydrated.








Sun Protection


Protecting your skin from sun damage is an essential all year round and also helps with anti-ageing for the skin but is more important than ever as we move into the spring and summer seasons.


SPF Yourself


Always wear SPF when exposed to the sun. Not only does it protect your skin from dangerous sun damage but it also aids with safe tanning that lasts. Add an SPF to your daily skincare routine to wear on your face every day, all year round. This will protect your skin and help to prevent the early signs of ageing.








Know Your Limits


Know your limits for sun exposure depending on your skin type and don’t push yourself in the name of getting a great tan. There is nothing chic about red sunburn and the long-term damage you can do to your skin is never worth the risk.


Wear the Right Clothing


Burnt skin isn’t going to look or feel good so ensure you’ve got plenty of the right clothing to keep you protected alongside your SPF. From glam wide-brim sun hats to bohemian cover-ups, make fashion part of your sun protection plan.






What to Eat and Drink for Your Skin


You’ve heard it all before but it’s so important to stay hydrated to keep the essential balance of moisture in the skin as well as the rest of the body.


Alongside water, a diet rich in carotene and vitamin E will improve the natural UV protection in your skin. The best foods with plenty of carotenes are carrots, peppers, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, spinach, broccoli, kale and tomatoes and for vitamin E, fill your diet with almonds and nuts.


Prepare your skin for the sun as early as possible in the year to give yourself the best possible complexion as well as the highest level of protection against sun damage.


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