How to reduce no shows and last minute cancellations

No show appointments and last-minute cancellations can be a painful part of salon ownership and something that can eat away at revenues if not managed and dealt with in the right way. Here, we take a look at some of the best ways to reduce no show customers, as well as the best steps to take when it happens at your salon.

How to reduce no show

Although frustrating for yourself and your stylists, you might not have thought too deeply into how big of a problem no shows and last-minute cancellations of appointments actually are at your salon.

So, what’s the big deal?

Well, let’s see. No shows mean a disruption at your salon for your stylists and a loss of momentum, which can lead to a decrease in moral and team spirit. It also means that you’re paying your stylist to be at the salon without a client in chair which means a loss of revenues. Now, that’s not something we can just ignore.

How big of a problem is no shows and cancellations?

If you’ve not analysed this at your salon yet, we advise that you take this step first to really see the scale of the problem for you, personally.

Take a look at your appointments diary and check out how many no show or last-minute cancellations you’ve had in the last month or two, where you weren’t able to fill the chair at the last minute. Work out how much this has cost your salon by multiplying this number by your average appointment price and the figure may well send a shiver down your spine.

How to reduce no show appointments

There are definite ways to reduce the number of no show and last-minute appointments in your salon, most of which can be easily and quickly implemented into your day-to-day running of the business.

Remind Your Clients

Sound simple? Yet, not enough salons are actually doing it. When it comes to reminders it could be anything from a personal phone call from your receptionist to an automated text using a professional software linked to your appointments diary. Whatever you opt for, reminders really do work.


Make Sure Your Clients Love You

Building a strong relationship with each and every client in the chair should be part of your stylist’s job. The more your customers like and respect their stylist, the less likely they will be to either forget the appointment or simply not show up.

Point Out Your Cancellation Policy When Booking

A quick and easy step is to clearly point out your cancellation policy at each appointment booking. This shows your customer that you’re a professional business and shouldn’t be avoided from fear of being too upfront.


Know Your Customer

Some of your customers, particularly your regulars, will be local to your salon and have a flexible lifestyle.  When you’re getting to know your customers, you can discover if being on a “short notice” list will work for them. This simply means, if you find yourself with a last-minute appointment open, a quick call to them could see them in the chair before you’ve blinked an eye. An easy way to sell this to clients is to offer a discounted price on the treatment.

Use Tech

Here’s where What Salon can really help out. Catering to thousands of potential clients who are actively seeking your salon’s services, What Salon can connect your empty appointment slot with a last-minute appointment faster than ever before.  We market your salon on your behalf.  When a user clicks to book with your salon, they are first offered appointment times ‘Today’ or ‘Tomorrow’ – helping you fill those pesky last minute appointments.  Of course they can also book for the future, but that’s a whole different problem solved!

Book last minute salon appointments
No shows are undeniably a pain. However, taking some simple steps can quickly reduce the problem in your salon, keeping you and your stylists happy on the job and revenues through the roof

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