How to Sell More Gift Vouchers for Your Salon

It is an important aspect of your salon’s revenue that might not be getting the attention it deserves. From spa day gift vouchers to individual treatment cards, gift certificates for your salon are a quick and simple at-the-till purchase that should be flying off your shelves with each and every one of your customers. But are they?


What is so good about a salon gift voucher?

Client Introductions

Just like any other word of mouth marketing, gift vouchers are basically the highest recommendation a client can offer to their friends and family about your salon. They’re literally saying, “I went here and it was great, I’m gifting you an experience here because you simply need to try it”. What could be better? Plus, the recipient of the voucher is sure to be in a fantastic frame of mind when attending their appointment due to the fact that it’s a freebie for them!

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Cash Flowww

Selling a gift voucher gets the £££ upfront for that booking and straight into the till. Once the recipient of the voucher arrives for their appointment, your stylists and team then have the ability to up-sell the treatment and make add-on sales, which are much more likely since the customer hasn’t yet paid for their appointment themselves.

Solve Your Clients’ Problems

Offering a gift voucher for your salon that is not only a great present but also looks beautiful and is packaged thoughtfully, solves your customer’s gift giving problems, making you their go-to gift shop for the future. A little extra effort in the presentation of your gift certificates can go a long way.

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How could your salon be selling lots more gift vouchers?

So, now we’ve looked at why making the most out of your gift vouchers is so great for your business, let’s take a look at the things you can implement to sell lots more of them.

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Give Them a Professional Edge

As we mentioned, creating a beautiful gifting experience is a great way to entice your clients to purchase. You could also add to this by offering a “gift-wrapped” edition of your vouchers which are extra special and could include embellishments such as chocolates or even a balloon.

Create A Chic Display in Store & Don’t Forget Social

Make sure your clients can see what they’re purchasing. They might assume a gift card is a simple piece of card in an envelope, so surprise them if you’re offering something a little more special. Plus, don’t forget to post about your vouchers on social media to ensure your clients think of your salon first when on the hunt for a gift.

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Make the Most of The Calendar

Let your gift vouchers work for you but remember to promote them properly in-store and online before all the most important calendar events, such as Mother’s Day, Valentines and Christmas.

Get Your Team in On It

Simple and effective. Bring this initiative to your team’s attention and get them chatting to their clients, making them aware of how fabulous a gift your vouchers can be. When their customers are excited about their daughters up-coming birthday, they’ll remember to drop in the gift idea and it’s win-win for both parties. You could also set an incentive for your team on selling gift vouchers to keep it at the forefront of their minds.  

Whether you’re nailing the gift voucher culture at your salon but are always looking to improve or you know you really need to up your game, our top tips will have you on the way to gift card cash flow greatness in no time. Ensure your salon is your clients’ go-to gift shop and you’ll be pre-booking appointments all the way up to next Christmas. What is your most successful way to market your gift cards?


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