Marketing Targeting for Your Salon: Who Should You Be Targeting?

Knowing how to create the right marketing materials for your salon can be one of the most difficult things about running your own business. Not only to do you need to make decisions about which channels to use and what format of marketing to create content for, but you also need to know exactly what you want to say. This hugely depends on who you want to target but many salons don’t target specifically, worried to lose potential customers, and therefore create marketing that doesn’t particularly target (or interest) anyone.





Here, we take a look at how you can work out the best way to target your customers and ensure that you create marketing materials that really speak to your intended audience.


Target by Demographic

One way to target your marketing materials is by demographic. Your different aged customers will not only hang out on different digital platforms but will also be interested in different content, so by targeting this content, you can really speak to your intended customer. If your salon has both an older and younger clientele, you can create different content for each target sector, ensuring you don’t leave anybody out.


Target by Location

Targeting your content by location is another option. Do you want to target your local customers or do you want to create marketing to attract people who are travelling? Potentially you’re located near to a larger city, could your marketing aim to attract people out of the city and into your salon? All these decisions will affect the type of content you choose to create.








Target for Different Occasions

Do you want to target hen parties or create content that markets your salon for birthday gifts? Targeting for different occasions will help you to create specific content that you can target to these specific customers, giving them something personal to really be interested in. Work out how you can stand out from other salons offering similar ideas and create carefully targeted marketing content that sets you apart.







Target Through Timings

Lastly, you can also target your marketing content differently depending on how often customers come into the salon. You’ll have a different message to someone that comes in every month to someone that only comes in once a year, so these marketing materials should show that difference. With this decision, you can also consider the value each of these kinds of customers has for your business and decide whether the customers who come in on occasion have enough value to target specifically for marketing spend. If not, you can focus all your attention on more regular clientele.

Marketing for your salon is essential but it can seem like an overwhelming task when teamed with the day to day running of your business. The best way to nail your marketing strategy is to break it down in easy to carry-out stages to ease the overwhelm and ensure you don’t miss a trick. Working out who and how to target your marketing is a key step to starting a more effective and efficient marketing strategy for your salon.




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