New Vs Current Customers, Which Is Best for Your Salon?

When it comes to creating and maintaining a successful beauty or hair salon, it’s all about your customers. You need to attract customers, keep them, and ensure that they are positive ambassadors for your salon, which in turn leads to free word of mouth marketing. So, once you’ve attracted some customers, should you be concentrating on gaining more? Or working towards retaining the clients you’ve already won once before?





In the marketing world, it is said that attracting a brand-new client costs a business five times more than retaining a current one. Let that statistic sink in for a moment.

The majority of businesses actually spend more time and money focusing on the more expensive route of attracting new clients from scratch. However, increasing customer retention by just 5% is said to win an increase in profits by between 25%-95% with a much greater sales success rate with retained customers.

So, if you don’t have a focus on retaining current customers within your marketing strategy, what can you do?





Stay in Touch with Current Customers

A customer that loved their experience at your salon may have been particularly busy recently or simply forgotten how great their appointment was with you. This is why you need to reach out and stay in touch with customers.

If you have a customer database with information on when people last came to see you and what treatment or service they had done, use it! Drop them a personalised email or text with a mention to their last treatment and a call to action for them to book in for a repeat appointment.

On top of this, remember to let your customers know when you have new things going on in the salon. New treatment? Tell them. New stylist you’re particularly excited about? Tell them. This way, anytime they think about booking an appointment, you’re the only salon that springs to mind.




Reward Loyal Customers

If you really want your customers to know you value them, reward them for coming back time and time again and encourage them to keep doing so. You can do this through things like one-off promotional vouchers or gifting, loyalty schemes and even product freebies.

Service Service Service

A customer is bound to feel special if you remember their name and some details about them for next time. Up your customer service game by ensuring you keep a customer database with notes for your stylists so that each time the client comes in, their stylists remembers their last appointment and conversation between them is comfortable and friendly.





Don’t forget You Still Need New Clients

It’s still important to remember to save a portion of your strategy for new clients. You can attract new clients in so many ways. Let’s take a look at just a few:

• Get busy on social media and invest in paid advertising on Google or Facebook.
• Have a strong review strategy so that you can use your current clients to bring in new clients.
• Partner up with other local businesses for a referral strategy.
• Promote a sale or discount code to entice new customers to try a treatment with you.

When it comes to considering new and retained customers, the best strategy for your salon is a long-term strategy. Thinking about the future and how to generate a client base that continues to return to your salon for years will help to safe guard your profits and ensure your appointment diary is never empty.

Find out how to gain and retain loyal customers for your salon to keep your beauty salon one step ahead of the competition.




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