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All the shades of pastel pink hair is all the rage right now. Never before has there been a hair colour which can look stylish, fun and super cute. We like to think that the pastel pink trend started way back when Frenchy from Grease shared her Easter egg pastel pink perm on our screens. Since then, you’ve got all the celebrities following in her footsteps.

Whether it’s a sweet candyfloss colour, a rose gold tinted pink, and a soft baby peachy pink shade, it’s fresh, feminine and fabulous.

If you’re considering taking the pink plunge, we’ve rounded up some of the best pastel pink hair hues around to give you some inspiration.

After all, ‘pink hair’ doesn’t just have to be ‘pink hair’ …


Magenta Pink

This shade of popping pink is a darker and deeper hue, oozing feminity and embracing more of a daring side. It’s the type of pink you would expect to see on the flowing hair of My Little Pony – girly, bold and bright.

Georgia May Jagger recently sported this hot pink hue at The Fashion Awards towards the end of 2018. It’s definitely a shade which will make you stand out and give you the attention you deserve!

Photo Credit @Georgiamayjagger Instagram


Rose Gold Pink

Rose Gold hair is also referred to as ‘Rose Quartz’ across the salon world, and it’s by far one of the most popular shades of pink. It works well because it’s a soft, romantic shade, which works well as a light balayage/Ombre, streaked through the hair, or as a full head.

The colour works well teamed with twinkling rose gold makeup looks, and suits most skin tones (although paler girls tend to pull it off better). It’s young, fresh and seriously on trend!

A celebrity who recently rocked this shade is no other than the super cute Ashley Tisdale.

Photo Credit: @ashleytisdale Instagram


Pastel Pink

Think of a light, chalky pink shade – almost like a washed out pink. It’s fresh, muted yet intense. It’s one of the lightest hues of pink that works for dying hair, and it works best of bleach blondes, where the pink can hold the best.

Copper Pink

This shade is pretty much the grown-up big sister to the Rose Gold/Rose Quartz look. The lighter dusky pink shades of Rose Gold are replaced with a deep coppery pink, perfect for the Winter season due to its spicy tones. Copper Pink is basically created by mixing pink with a metallic warm brown shade. Again, it’s quite versatile for more skin tones but it works well on those with a natural darker hair colour, sticking to dark brunettes and giving the hair a sparkling lift.

Photo Credit: @mackpaintedthat Instagram


Bold pink streaks

If you don’t want to take the plunge and go for a full-on, all over pink colour, experiment with streaking the hair first. Hailey Baldwin tinted her blonde hair with pink streaks earlier in 2018, adding shades of bold pink throughout her tresses.

It’s an easy look to create if you already have highlighted/bleached or naturally blonde hair. A bold pink shade can fade quite quickly but tends to hold on to the bleach and absorb into the hair. Always ask a stylist at a salon to create this look for you, as there is nothing worse than uneven streaks when you’re playing around with a bold bright!

Hailey Bieber is one who likes to play around with pink streaks when she wants to spice up her look for a more playful side.


Watermelon Pink

This faded, weaker shade of pink is hugely popular in Korea, where all the stylish K-beauty fans pull off this pretty pink shade. It starts as a more vibrant shade of pink dyed onto black/dark brown hair, then it fades after various sessions of washing and conditioning to this soft, watermelon shade.

It’s easy to wear, and tends to be more popular across the younger, fashionable crowd.

Photo Credit: @tzigane_layla Instagram


Pink Balayage/Ombre

The blended shade hair trend of balayage (also known as Ombre) has been huge for the past few years, and it looks like it’s going nowhere. Iggy Azalea made a huge hair statement when she decided to try something new, straying from her signature blonde for a shocking shade of pink.

The way to rock this is one of two ways: by keeping the brightest pink towards the roots and let it fade into white-blonde at the tips, or keep a light white blonde at the root, fading into a bright pink ombre.

If you still haven’t had your fill of inspiration be sure to check out Sickmode’s blog for even more designs.

Photo Credit: @thenewclassic Instagram


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