Salon Loyalty Schemes: Outdated or Key Marketing Strategies?

Loyalty schemes at hair and beauty salons have been around as long as the salons themselves. Rewarding regular clients by offering freebies or money off is the key to creating a loyalty scheme but in the digital age, is this an outdated strategy? Or if done well, can it be just as effective as ever? Here, we take a closer look at salon loyalty schemes and let you know our top tips for creating a programme that works for you and your loyal clients.  


Why Have a Salon Loyalty Scheme?

It might be an “old-school” technique but having a loyalty scheme still has its pros.

• Retain those clients! There is more salon competition than ever before and as much as a client loves her new ‘do or nails, you’re up against another salon around the corner offering similar treatments at slashed prices. Having a loyalty scheme that gives back to your clients and offers them money off or even freebies from time to time will encourage them to choose your salon again next time. And that’s what we all want, right!?

• Happy clients = good reviews. Reviews are really important, especially in the age of social media. Happy clients who feel like they’ve really been rewarded are bound to leave good reviews and pass the news onto their friends and family.

• Keep up with the market. No matter where your customers shop from Tesco to Topshop, you can bet there’s a loyalty scheme that offers them discounts and rewards. Keep up with the market and ensure yours is even better.


Top Salon Loyalty Scheme Tips

Update to Digital

There is something about a loyalty card and stamps that screams outdated and not-so-chic. Update your loyalty programme to a digital format and suddenly it’s an ultra-fancy new club that your customers are going to want to be part of. Plus, having a digital loyalty scheme in place that you can chat to your clients about assures them that they won’t ever lose their points, it’s all saved for them. How convenient.  


Take Tips from Boots

Lots of outdated loyalty schemes at salons involve collecting stamps until you receive a certain amount, which then offers you a percentage off your next treatment. Call us crazy but that’s not the most exciting offer, is it?

Remember the times when you’re standing in Boots and you get the news about how many points you’ve collected and you realise the mascara you’re about the buy is going to be free. Now, those are exciting times. Why not offer points for £ spent at your salon and allow your customers to use these points to pay for a treatment or products. They feel like they’re getting more for their buck and in turn, are encouraged to spend more.

Promote Your Scheme

It’s all well and good having a great loyalty scheme at your salon but if people don’t know the benefits, it’s not going to encourage them to come in. Promote your scheme in the salon but also on your social media pages, showcasing to your followers the pros of being a part of the programme.

Loyalty schemes are nothing new. But there are some great new-age tactics you can use to ensure you’re making the most out of your loyalty programme and giving your clients great rewards to ensure they come back time and time again. For easy wins and happy customers, update your salon loyalty scheme ready for 2019.

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