Smoked Marshmallow: The Hottest Colour for Blondes In 2019?

What’s this? A potential blonde hair trend hitting the scene already for 2019? We’re listening.

2018 was the year of colour and experimentation for hair trends. But the biggest trend to pop up so far, this year, is a super natural and particularly low maintenance vibe that we can really see taking off. Plus, it’s already blowing up on Instagram, so you know it’s going to be good.

This look isn’t quite balayage and isn’t quite staple highlights. Smoked marshmallow blondes are forming a new way to do blonde locks and it is low key, chic and just about as sun-kissed Californian as you’re going to achieve in the salon. We love it! Check out @hellobalayage Instagram page for examples.


Credit: @hellobalayage

First noted by Allure, this new and improved blonde colouring technique was coined by California-based colour specialist Megan Ilene Martinez. She wanted to create something different for blondes who needed a version of their favourite hair tone that works for a super busy lifestyle. Smoked marshmallow hair is just that.



Credit: @hairbymegaria 

The idea behind the look is a laid-back, low maintenance brightness that pulls through the full lengths of the hair in blended, yet substantial highlights, intermingling effortlessly with low lights that create immediate depth. Although a touch of the blonde makes it way up to near the roots of the hair, there is definite balayage vibes, meaning that regrowth and constant touch ups become less urgently frequent.  
Who Is Smoked Marshmallow Hair For?

This look is perfect for blondes who are looking to tone down their brightness and reduce the need to head into the salon for root touch ups every 4 weeks. It’s also ideal for brunettes who want to venture into the world of the blonde without 100% commitment to the cause. It’ll even work beautifully for balayage lovers who are looking for a subtle, yet stylish update to their multi-tonal locks.

How to Get the Look?

According to colourist Megan, it’s all about using the dye to work with the fact that you’ll soon have roots, rather than trying to fight it and work against it. But what does that mean?
It’s about taking the brightness up through the hair in diagonals, keeping the colour icy and using ultra-baby lights to avoid any block colour.

Need any other reasons to try out this beaut new hair trend? Because you don’t need to head to the salon every 4 weeks for updates, it’s better for your hair because you’re less frequently damaging your poor locks. Therefore, it’s also less of a strain on your bank card, meaning that you can make each trip to the salon for touch ups extra special with a cut and blow to boot!


Are you loving the new 2019 alternative to the beloved balayage tresses? Lighter, brighter and blonder might just be the new year hair update you’ve been thinking about and if you’ve already taken the plunge into the land of the smoked marshmallow blonde, we want to know about it! Stay in touch with us on the blog and keep up to date with the industry’s latest hair and beauty trends, making sure you never miss out on the next big look.

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