Take Advantage of Trends & Give Your Salon a New USP

Are you always thinking about new ways to give your salon a USP that stands out against the competition? From in-salon events to free giveaways or even a statement philosophy that sets your salon apart from the rest, to gain and retain customers, your salon needs to have a USP that people remember.


A great way that some successful businesses are achieving a new USP for their salons is to integrate with current trends and to give their customers more of a reason to come in. This might be creating more of an experience rather than simply getting a service when they come to the salon. It might also be something as simple as updating your beverages menu to something a little more current.

However you chose to brand your salon, remember the importance of a strong USP and think about how you can continuously evolve your USP to meet your customer’s and potential customer’s needs.

Let’s take a look at some great ideas to blend your salon’s USP with current trends.

Copy the Barbers

Take inspiration from many men’s barbers who have integrated a man’s love of heading to the pub for a beer with friends with their trip to the barbershop. Although some salon’s offer fizz to clients, why not take it one step further and have a cocktail hour for your customers.

Without too much investment or time, this is a great way to market your salon just like a wine bar would with a cocktail hour on a Friday or Saturday afternoon. This is sure to get your clients talking about you and gives you plenty to post about on your social media.




Get Charitable

Want to become known by your clients as having a charitable USP? Start having a charity day once a month where a certain amount of profits head straight to your chosen charity and clients can pop in and donate. It gives your salon a completely new USP that also gives back to society.






Sustainable Beauty?

Sustainable and eco-friendly fashion is all the rage. But why not sustainable, eco-friendly, organic or vegan beauty? Jump on this industry trend and create a USP for your salon that also makes a difference to the environment.

Permanent Trends

One of the biggest trends over the last year or so and growing into 2019 is the beauty trend of more permanent treatments. This could be anything from micro-blading and micro-pigmentation to cosmetic surgeries, such as lip enhancements. Consider adding treatments like this to your salon and offering free consultations to your clients who might otherwise be unsure how to go about gaining the right information.

Whether you decide to rebrand your salon as eco-friendly or simply opt to add cocktails to your Saturday afternoon beverage menu, ensure you create a USP that speaks to your customers. Adding something that will enhance your client’s experience at your salon is a clear way to ensure they come back time and time again and recommend you to further contacts.

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