The Beauty Trends Predicted To Be Big In 2019

The beauty industry never fails to surprise us. Just when you think there couldn’t possibly be any room for newness, something unique will arise and take over the beauty world.

Every month there tends to be a new buzz ingredient just discovered, promising to revolutionize our skincare routine. For 2019, this is only set to grow, with more interesting beauty innovations expected to arise.








So, what are the big beauty trends we should look out for in 2019? We’ve rounded up some of the new beauty movements set to be big this year.
Sustainability will encourage a minimal approach

A lot of the beauty innovation and products we see launch across the UK and US are influenced from Asia, and it looks like this new minimalistic approach is no different. The newest Korean beauty trend is ‘Skip-care’, which is focusing on a more minimalist approach to beauty. This skincare ‘diet’ is all about using fewer, but harder-working products, brought on by having a more sustainable approach to beauty.








This trend is encouraging using products that contain higher concentrations of effective ingredients. That way, instead of having a 10-step skincare routine which was big in Korea last year, people can hopefully be able to multitask with products, and use far less in their regimes.

Formulation transparency will become essential

Beauty enthusiasts are becoming increasingly savvy about ingredients, refusing to accept things at face value. With more people becoming concerned about what they are putting onto and into their skin, brands are now forced to be more open and honest about their formulations.

Customers have a growing wealth of skincare knowledge, especially with lots of information and research being easily accessible online. For 2019, expect to find more brands listing the full range of ingredients clearly on all packaging – even the natural brands too.








Skincare to follow the ampoule packaging trend

Along with being transparent with ingredients, beauty shoppers are also wanting more efficiency from their products, which is where packaging comes in. Last year saw lab-fresh formulas in airtight packaging – known as ampoules – become more popular, and 2019 is set to see a rise in these.

Ampoules are individually packaged and usually made of glass, containing the perfect shot of nutrients for your skin. There are two main advantages of ampoules, one being that the expert packaging helps to keep the product as fresh as possible, maintaining the strength and potency of active ingredients. Glycolic acid, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C are held to their best potential in individual, one use glass bottles.

The second reason is that each ampoule can hold one usage, meaning customers can manage how much of one product they are supposed to use. This also makes travelling with your favourite skincare serums much easier!






At-home facial tools will be more advanced

We’ve had years of success with skin cleansing devices, such as the Clarisonic and Magnitone, but for 2019, more advanced facial tools to use at home will become accessible. People are investing in their skin like never before, meaning that as well as clinic and salon-based facials booming, the facial tool market is following suite.
Expect to see a rise in devices such as facial massage devices, steamers and derma rollers. However, the next step up from these will be ‘smart tools’, as brands start to explore the usage of smart tools that assist in tracking the efficacy of beauty regimes and products. These will be advanced enough to provide real-time diagnostics, including the development of smartphone connect beauty devices and tools that provide more personalized solutions.






Injectables without the needles

Everyone with an interest in beauty and skincare knows that injectables – such as Botox and fillers -have been on the rise for the past few years. But even though this is the case, there is a huge proportion of people who prefer not to stick needles into their faces. These people still want to get on that perfect skincare hype, looking for alternatives to mimic dermatological and surgical results.

The beauty industry has been listening to this for a while, leading to the development of smoothing effect products without the syringe. Expect to see advanced skincare launch later in 2019, such as no-needle microneedling patches and micro filler facial masks.
These sheet masks and patches will be infused with intense amounts of effective ingredients. This will provide a skincare method which gives a far more superior absorption than the traditional topical application products, usually achieved by injectables or pushing formulas into skin via devices.







Overall, the key themes within the beauty industry for 2019 lie within sustainability, zero waste, smart technology and those fresher, more potent ingredients. In a world where research is getting more powerful and technology is getting cleverer, expect this year to bring some fantastic new innovations, especially within skincare.


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