The Benefits of Airbrush Makeup

Maybe you’re a makeup pro, an MUA, or just a lover of all things cosmetics but have you tried airbrush makeup yet? And is it really better than the regular process? Whether you’re a bride on the hunt for that flawless airbrush makeup effect for your big day or a makeup artist looking for the next important skill to invest your time and efforts into, here, we take a look at the benefits of airbrush makeup and what it’s all really about.




What Is Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush makeup is all about the application. Makeup is applied to the face using a small spraying device (much like a spray tan) rather than the traditional makeup brushes or sponges.

We know what you’re thinking, you’ve only just got used to that beauty blender! But the spray on technique used by airbrush makeup masters creates that seamless “photo-shopped” finish that often brushes and sponges just can’t manage.

How Much Does Airbrush Makeup cost?

In general, airbrush makeup tends to be a bridal go-to. Therefore, it can often be quite a bit more expensive than a regular professional makeup application, which tends to fall between £25 and £40. For airbrush makeup, the cost falls in the £45-90 bracket depending on the MUA you choose.




The Benefits of Airbrush Makeup

So, why opt for airbrush makeup? Let’s take a look at the benefits.

Flawless Finish

Most people choose airbrush makeup because of the flawless finish it produces. If you’re looking for that photo-ready complexion for a special event, airbrush makeup is certainly one to try.



Hygienic App

Some people decide to go for airbrush makeup because they love the hygienic application. Because a spray is used to apply the face makeup and not sponges and brushes, your skin doesn’t need to be touched, which is great for sensitive skin that tends to break out.


For a wedding day or all-day special occasion, you want to look fresh all-day long. Airbrush make up is lightweight and breathable but long-lasting, keeping you looking “just done” until the end of the day.
From an MUA perspective, the product also lasts you much longer. Because of the nature of the application, you don’t need to use as much product and there is much less waste. The actual foundation is also known to last much longer than traditional foundations once opened.




Customized Colour Matching

Because of the way you apply airbrush makeup it’s very easy to layer and blend tones to create the perfect customized colour for every skin tone, resulting in a beautifully natural finish.

Airbrush makeup for everyday use? Maybe not, but it’s a popular trend in the beauty world that makeup lovers searching for a completely flawless look are leaning towards. With a few cons, such as it not being great for tear stains (think, weddings) and the higher price tag, it’s not quite mainstream yet. However, with the increase of social media posting and the desire to create a perfect makeup look, it’s a big beauty trend that is hot on our radar. How about you?

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