The Benefits to Having an Oxygen Facial On Your Skin

Of all the advanced skincare products and makeup out there, nothing can give us perfect, glowing skin overnight. For fresh, clear, radiant looking skin, proper nourishment and commitment is needed. However, the good news is that there is indeed a facial out there can rapidly boost our complexion, helping us achieve the most optimum results when it comes to skin improvement.

Oxygen facials burst onto the aesthetics scene in Australia back in 2002, and have since grown in popularity across the world, fast becoming one of the most sought out facial treatments for celebrities and skincare enthusiasts alike.
So, what exactly is the oxygen facial and what benefits is it going to give us?







What is an Oxygen Facial?

In a nutshell, an oxygen facial is designed to immediately provide a boost of nourishment to our skin and promote collagen growth. It involves three key steps, the first one using a machine which sprays highly concentrated molecules of oxygen right into the outer layer on our skin (known as our epidermis). The beauty of the facial is that the oxygen that is applied to your face is packed full of vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients, and botanical extracts which are all essential to achieve a clear, hydrated complexion.

The second step is a serum treatment, topically applying hyaluronic acid, minerals, vitamins, and lots of antioxidants. This works with the oxygen treatment to tighten and firm, along with eliminating wrinkles and fine lines, and creating that healthy glow.
The final step is an intense facial massage with special oxygen infused products, to really stimulate oxygen and blood flow.







Here’s some of the benefits:


Boosts collagen production

Collagen is the key ingredient to younger looking skin – a protein that binds skin cells stick together. The more collagen you have, the stronger your skin is, with more elasticity. Collagen production decreases as we age, which causes wrinkles. The oxygen facial encourages the collagen production, firming up the skin and working to reduce those pesky fine lines.
Detoxifies the skin

As oxygen facials give the skin a boost of oxygen and infuse key nutrients, a detoxification prosess takes place. The increased rush of vitamins to the skin help fight away the effects of pollution, sun exposure and inflammation caused from diet. Plus, the improved amount of oxygen to the skin helps in the repair and regeneration of new skin cells.








Provides moisturising benefits

Our natural moisture content decreases due to several factors: age, diet, sun damage, dust and pollution to name a few. This results in dry, lifeless and dull looking skin. As the oxygen facial works with hyaluronic acid, the skin is given a deeply moisturised treatment, helping to restore its pH balance.








Speeds up cell turnover

The faster the process of cell renewal, the fresher, clearer and younger our skin looks. As cell renewal gets sluggish over time, it’s essential to try and speed up the process ourselves. Both exfoliation and increased oxygen flow works wonders for cell regeneration, allowing the skin to start healing quicker, with pigmentation and scarring fading faster.

Promotes radiant skin

This facial removes all impurities from the top layer of the skin), boosting the oxygen content and plumping up the skin. Alongside this, the removal of the build-up of dead cells bring out a natural glow and flush to the cheeks. The oxygen facial is also brilliant at opening and clearing out blocked pores, creating a smoother, refined skin texture.
Fast recovery without painful side effects

Some facial treatments can leave our skin red, irritated and swollen – especially chemical peels or laser procedures. Luckily with oxygen facials, there isn’t any recovery time. You can start applying creams, lotions, or makeup to your skin almost immediately, as the oxygen process is exceptionally gentle on to the skin. Oxygen facials tend to be one of the top recommended facials for those with sensitive skin and those who want to avoid chemical beauty treatments.








Helps to heal acne

When our skin gets clogged up with oil, dirt, or grime, acne starts to breed, and pores become enlarged. When the skin undergoes an oxygen facial, it effectively clears out any build up that sits on top of and beneath the skin, clarifying and removing bacteria as the oxygen penetrates.

Results are pretty much instant

One of the best things about having an oxygen facial is that you will notice immediate results. As soon as the treatment has finished, skin concerns such as acne, blackheads and clogged pores immediately start to heal and clear up. Blemishes, red marks and pigmentation appears less obvious, and fine lines and wrinkles are soothed. The skin also feels super soft and moisturised when touched. The most obvious result though is how radiant and glowing the skin looks!

If your desired outcome is to achieve blemish-free, younger looking, radiant skin, then the oxygen facial is one to definitely look into.





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