The Fringe Haircuts you need for 2019

Fringe hairstyles have had a huge moment for 2018, and we’re all about it for 2019.

When it comes to fringes, there’s almost always a fringe to suit every face shape. Whether your face shape is more heart, square or even the dreaded round face-fringe-combo, which many of us think isn’t possible, there is a face framing fringe style for you.
We’ve rounded up a special edit sharing the types of fringe haircuts which are big for 2019. From short to long, these are the fringe haircuts you need to try asap…

The Eyebrow Skimming Fringe

The eyebrow skimming fringe was a huge trend throughout 2018, and it’s set to remain that way for 2019. The beauty of this fringe haircut is that it’s cut to a long and wispy style, covering the eye brows and lightly skimming the lash line.
This is what’s known as the ‘first step’ fringe – if you’re slightly afraid to go for the chop, this one will grow out quicker due to its length. It can always be brushed to the side or parted.

This type of fringe suits those with long hair – mainly past the shoulders and beyond – and with a heart or oval face shape.

Eyebrow skimming fringe
Photo credit: InStyle

The Micro Fringe

The micro fringe has started to appear towards the end of 2018, meaning it will be big business for 2019! It’s definitely one for the more daring and edgy fashionistas out there, and those with smaller, pointier featured faces can certainly pull it off.

The micro fringe normally goes hand in hand with a ‘lob’ haircut (a long bob) or a super blunt bob and tends to sit closer to your hairline than it does your eyebrows. So this means a super short and straight blunt-cut fringe. You can also opt for a choppier micro fringe, but the most striking trend is when the fringe line is super straight.

Micro fringe
Photo Credit: The Gloss

70’s Curved Fringe

2019 will see the return of those curved, ‘blown under’ fringes. Remember how back in the 70’s, women would use a round vent brush and blow dry their fringes under? Expect to see this return, complementing the big, bouncy hair trend.
Your stylist would need to cut a long fringe with light layers, so that when the fringe is blown under, it doesn’t quite fall into the eyes.

This suits those with square, heart and oval face shapes.


 Centre parted blunt fringe

For those who want versatility, you’ll be glad to know that centre parted cut fringes are also set to remain strong throughout 2019. These work well with any hair length, but especially shorter bobs, and look great when the hair is tousled and waved.

Those with wavy or curly hair naturally can struggle with fringes, especially when it sits so bold and blocky over the forehead. But with a centre parted one, it can be swept to both sides and blended into the rest of the waves without looking too ‘perfect’ or ‘done’.

Center parted
Photo Credit: Grazie Daily

 Polished side fringe

A sleek, polished side fringe suits those who have chemically straightened hair, or short pixi cops, like singing starlet Rhianna. RiRi’s polished comb-over acts as the perfect faux side fringe. The polished trend needs to be kept sleek and in place with plenty of hairspray.

This fringe style suits those with short cropped hair, so next time you are having your crop trimmed, ask your stylist to work up a sleek side fringe. But remember the upkeep – if you can’t keep it slick and flyaway free, it’s worth avoiding!

This look suits those with longer, slimmer faces, as it accentuates the cheek bones.

Polished side fringe
Photo Credit: Style Interest

 Sweeping side fringe

A great one for cheating the illusion of thicker hair is by opting for a full, sweeping fringe à la Emma Stone. This is also a trick some celebrities have been known to use to hide a larger forehead!

By having a deep-set sweeping fringe styled to a side parting will frames your face beautifully and create a sense of volume and ‘oomph’ as the shorter hair drops down the forehead into a layered sweeping style.

A great trick for those with longer faces who want to balance it out, yet it’s also one that works with rounder faces too. The fact that it involves no harsh, blunt lines means just about anyone can carry this fringe cut style off.

Side fringe 2019


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