The Hair Colours to Match Your Eye Colour

When deciding on a hair colour you love and feel comfortable with, there are several factors to consider other than your personal colour preference. The main one is your eye colour, which should always come into consideration. However, it’s not just your eye colour that has to be considered, but also your skin colour, skin tone, age and even the type of hairstyle you like to wear daily.

All the above are factors that will feed into making the perfect hair colour choice.
Let’s look at the three main eye colours: blue, brown and green. With each of these eye colours comes a multitude of decisions. Ash blonde or caramel blonde? Jet black or deep brown? Would bright red work, or is it safer to go for a subtler auburn?






Here’s what the experts say…

The hair colours to suit blue eyes

Cool skin tones and blue eyes: If this is you, then you’re lucky to be able to pull off many hair colours, but blonde shades will work best. With fair skin and light eyes, pale blonde tones work best, rather than the brighter, brassier shades. Honey and copper will look unnatural against your colourings, so opting for ash and platinum shades will work best.

If you don’t want to be a blonde, you always have the option of going over to the dark side. One of the most amazing hair colours for those with blue eyes, fair skin, and a cool skin tone is jet black, which sounds quite daring, but it looks striking against your pale features. Also, vibrant reds work well too!

Go for: Ash and platinum blondes, cool browns, jet blacks, vibrant reds.

Avoid: Chestnut, hone, caramel and copper tones.






Warm/neutral tones and blue eyes: Warm or neutral skin tones don’t seem to work as well with harsh, blocky hair colours – so you can rule out platinum blonde and jet black.

If you want to go blonde, you’ve got a few great options. Sun-kissed, highlighted looks work the best, where bleach blends in with warmer blonde tones, like honey and caramel. These bring out the icy, striking look of blue eyes against warmer skin tones.

When it comes to warmer skin tones and amazing blue eyes, it’s the deeper brown hair colours that work. Think rich, warming brunette shades, and those multi-tone lighter brown highlights. These shades give the hair the illusion of volume, body and dimension, rather than being one flat colour.

Other shades which work with these colourings is a gentle cinnamon, which enhances your skin and make those blue eyes pop. Also, rich coppery reds and bright popping reds, which contrasts to the light blue eyes.

Go for: warm, sun-kissed colours across blonde tones and warm brunette shades. For red head looks, stick to soft cinnamons and powerful bold red.

Avoid: Blocky, harsh colours, like jet black and platinum blonde.






The hair colours to suit green eyes

Those with green eyes should stick to warm hair tones and colours, but it again, it depends on the skin tone. Green eyes tend to be less common than those with blue and brown eyes, so think of yourselves as a unique, special category if you fall into this!
Cool skin tone and green eyes: Those with cool skin tones and green eyes tend to have a very light skin colour, which can have bluish undertones. Aubergine and mahogany tints are go-to colours for this skin tone, really bringing out the deep green in the eyes.

If it’s more of a blonde or red shade you would rather go for, then you’ll find golden blondes, light golden browns, rose gold tinted reds and strawberry blonde shades work well.

Go for: Warm, deep hues like aubergine or mahogany shades of brown/black. For blondes, stick to golden, shimmering shades, and for red heads, try a rose gold tint or a sweet strawberry blonde look.

Avoid: Flat, cool shades of blonde, brown and red. You’re look for warmth to contrast and bring out the eyes and skin tone.






Warm/neutral skin tone and green eyes: Those with green eyes and warm/neutral skin then to have either rosy undertones or the ability to bronze in the sun easier.

Hair colours which suit this skin type and eye colour include ashy, cleaner blonde shades of blonde, ash and cool brown tones, platinum blonde and mauve tints. For red hair colours, look at rich, deep reds with hints of copper.

Go for: Ash, platinum, clean shades of blonde. Cool tones of brown. Rich, warm, copper tones of red.

Avoid: Warm, brassy blonde tones.

The hair colours to suit brown eyes

If you have brown or warm hazel eyes, the chances are that you have a warm skin tone, too. This isn’t always the case, but it tends to be the way the rule works around 80% of the time.

Cool skin tone and brown eyes: To flatter your cool skin tone, the shinier and glossier brown hair colours will really work against the cool tones. Light, rich browns with lots of gloss not only complement your skin tone but will give your complexion a touch of radiance. Deep, intense, darker brown shades also bring out the brown tones in your eyes, complimenting your overall look.

Go for: Deep, glossy shades of brown. You want colours of brown which add a touch of warmth.

Avoid: Dull auburn shades and brassy colours of blonde should be avoided. These will wash out the complexion and do the opposite of what the richer, intense shades of brown will do.

Warm/neutral skin tone and brown eyes: As warm skin tones look best when paired with warm hair colours, choose hues that compliment you, such as warm, chestnut browns, toffee colours, and honey blondes. The golden undertones of these warm brown hair shades will help bring out the colour of your eyes and make them more intense.

Likewise, auburn and caramel will also compliment your eyes. You may or may not wish to avoid cool shades of blonde, especially platinum and silver blondes, as they don’t always work with brown eye colour

Go for: Chestnut browns, honey blondes, golden undertones, auburn, caramels and toffees.

Avoid: Platinum blondes and silver/white shades of blonde.

Remember, the main thing is to find a colour that you personally love and feel confident with. By analysing your eye colour and skin tone, it really helps to find a hair colour which will compliment your complexion and bring out your best features to their full potential.







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