The Skincare Benefits of Micro needling

Microneedling has fast become one of the most talked about ways to improve skin texture and aging – without any down time. It’s a process that involves using lots of needles at once to puncture hundreds of tiny holes in the skin. Although that may sound a little dramatic, it tends to be a quick and virtually painless procedure that promotes smoother, firmer, and younger looking skin.

Fans of the microneedle claim it treats everything from wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and dull skin to issues such as scars, stretch marks, and cellulite – although results are still dubious on that last one, so don’t get your hopes up.




Microneedling is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), which involves using one of two tools. The first is called a Dermapen, in which the device uses tiny needles at the end to make little holes or needle pricks in the top layers of skin. The second is the Dermaroller, which works in a similar way, except the needles are rolled quickly over the skin to induce collagen production, strengthening the epidermis.

With either technique, the aesthetician or therapist carrying out the procedure will numb the face first, before working the needles into the skin. The needles then create micro injuries – or traumas as most therapists will call it – to the skin which trigger new collagen synthesis. Each micro trauma creates a channel that triggers the body to produce new collagen and elastin to fill the microscopic wound.




The beauty of this procedure is that it comes with no major side effects, and results tend to be noticed after just a short period of time. Of course, it depends on the skin concern to begin with. Someone with deep wrinkle lines or sunken acne scars may need a course of six. However, someone with a dull complexion, fine lines or pigmentation may be satisfied after a course of three.

Let’s look at some of the key benefits micro-needling can deliver to the skin…


Improves the texture and quality of your skin – fast.

The microneedle intends to stimulate the body’s self-repair process, to naturally renew the appearance of the skin and improve its texture. As the body starts to work to heal the small abrasions caused by the needles, the first thing that drastically improves is the texture and quality of the skin.

New collagen is produced, slowly plumping up the skin, and very lightly filling in any dull, sunken areas with ‘plumper’ skin. After just one session of micro-needling, you’ll notice a smoother texture to the skin after just a few days, and a brighter, firmer complexion.




Reduces deeper marks and scarring

Treating acne scarring and deeper marks on the skin has always been a challenge. However, micro-needling therapy has been reported to be a simple and effective way to ease the appearance of atrophic, rolling and ice-pick acne scars. It’s much less invasive than laser treatments, as the skin recognises this trauma caused as tissue loss and begins to produce collagen and elastin to “fill” the channel.

For those with red marks from acne or more shallow marks, you’ll notice an improvement in skin texture and firmness after a course of 2-6 sessions, as the collagen and elastin start to renew and build up.


Reduces blackheads and unclogs pores

Another added benefit to microneedling is how it helps to improve the complexions of those with blackheads, whiteheads and clogged pores. The controlled trauma from the needles literally breaks into the skin, breaking up any areas of blackheads and reducing the clusters.

The best thing here is that you’ll notice an improvement with blackheads and pores after the first session, especially around the nose. However, the negative is that microneedling is not a long term cure for blackheads, and will just temporary break it up and clear the area. Always seek advice from a trained aesthetician or skincare specialist.




Deeply exfoliates the skin

As microneedling is a treatment that disrupts the epidermis (the stratified layers of the skin) microneedling will result in causing an intense exfoliation of the skin, without any harsh side effects. Everyone knows that exfoliation is important, because it removes the dead skin cells that make your skin look fresh and smooth. As newer skin cells rise to the surface, your skin begins to feel softer and smoother to touch, along with the healthiest and freshest glow.


Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

One of the main advantages to microneedling is the effects it has on anti-aging. Microneedling can drastically help reduce and reverse the issues that contribute to premature aging of the skin (or more obvious signs of aging). These includes skin texture, pigmentation, fine lines, scarring and sun damage.

At one point a few years ago, you would find the microneedling treatment carried out at specialist skincare clinics only. Now, many salons and facialists are now trained to professionally carry out this rejuvenating treatment.
An extra benefit to microneedling not mentioned above is that even after just one treatment, your skincare serums and creams are absorbed in a way that simply isn’t possible on untreated skin. In fact, some say they are absorbed around 300% more! This means your products will work faster and on a deeper level, meaning more obvious results.
Be sure to research fully first, and weigh up if you would benefit more from the dermapen and dermaroller. A professionally trained therapist at your local salon should be able to advise.


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