What is a Keratin treatment and why do you need it?

You know that on-going, tiresome and stressful fight with frizzy, unmanageable hair?

Well, it doesn’t always have to be like that.

If you want the sleekest, most manageable and frizz-controlled hair of your life, there’s only one word you need to know: Keratin. Can we have two words here? OK. Kerastraight Keratin.

The Kerastraight Keratin treatment has fast become the answer to thick, frizzy and totally untameable hair. Hair that is so unmanageable it can take ages to dry and style (making impromptu nights out always out of the question), hair that is prone to severe knotting and tangling, and hair that absolutely dreads the colder, wetter weather.

But then again, the humid heat is just as bad for hair for frizzing up and becoming a dry, unsightly nightmare.

For a bit of background into why this treatment is revolutionising hair troubles, it’s useful to know why Keratin is so vital. Keratin is the main protein of the hair, skin and nails. It makes up to 91% of hair and contains 16 different amino acids. One of the most important ones is cysteine, which creates the sulphur bridges in hair that give it its internal strength.

If your natural keratin levels are low, your hair can appear dry, frizzy, dehydrated and damaged. This is where the help of a man-made treatment can work wonders.
Let’s take a look at how this celebrity favourite (including Meghan Markle!) treatment works.

Keratin treatment before and after

What is KeraStraight and how does it work?

KeraStraight harnesses large amounts of proteins as well as amino acids, which disrupt the hair’s natural curl pattern. This creates a smoothed and reinforced treatment for the hair, along with a process of straightening.

You’ll find a lot of salons now offer the treatment, due to its exceptional results and continuous flow of returning customers. The stylist will begin with wash and condition the hair – usually with clarifying products – before coating the hair lengths with the keratin-packed treatment from root to tip.

Depending on hair length and thickness, the treatment is usually left to penetrate the hair for around 25 minutes, but this can be anything from 15-60 minutes. Once the ‘magic formula’ has worked, it gets rinsed out thoroughly, and the blow-dry begins.
Alongside the blow-dry, the stylish will use a professional pair of KeraStraight irons complete with tourmaline technology to really seal in the keratin-infused goodness.

This is a same-day treatment and has totally become worthy of the game-changer status. Give yourself around 2-3 hours maximum for the treatment time.

Keratin treatment

Is KeraStraight Worth It?

If you are tired of battling with frizzy, unruly, dry hair, then yes. This treatment delivers hair that feels hydrated like never before. Imagine the feeling of every single split end and brittle strand being strong and fortified, with no sign of that halo of unsightly frizz.

The result is silky, glossy, super smooth locks, but what you also must consider is the amount of time you’ll then save in the mornings! No more battling that crazy mane.


Are KeraStraight Keratin treatments safe?

KeraStraight doesn’t use formaldehyde, which has previously made the headlines before for not being safe. The fact KeraStraight doesn’t utilise this makes it completely safe for both the hairdresser and the client.

The only problems you may encounter is that the smell of the treatment isn’t the most pleasant. Your hair can smell a little bit ‘metallic’ afterwards, which would go away if you were to wash it immediately after, but most customers choose not to for maximum results. The smell does fade as soon as you wash your hair.

The Kerastraight Keratin treatment is now being referred to as ‘an insurance’ for your hair. It’s the treatment that keeps everything under control, free from stress, and overall makes your life (and your hairs life!) much easier.

Smooth, silky, healthy locks are just an appointment away!

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