What is WhatSalon?


WhatSalon is an app for booking hair and beauty appointments.

We believe in beauty and we believe in simplicity.

WhatSalon marries these two worlds, making it easier than ever to find, and book, a beauty appointment.

Favourite stylist?

WhatSalon allows you to search by salon and stylist, so if you already have a favourite stylist (or three!), you can search for them in the app and book an appointment in seconds.

We partner with salons so our software is connected to their booking calendars.  This allows you to see the available appointments, and book something at a time that suits your schedule.

Booking in the app is fast – literally just a few taps of the finger and you’re set. No phone calls or messaging. Not that we’re condoning booking a massage while your boss is discussing this year’s projections, but not to say we don’t accommodate that either.


Looking for someplace new?

WhatSalon allows you to search within a certain radius of your location to find an available appointment.  You can search for a time that suits you, and search by the service you are looking for. This is particularly handy if you lead a very busy life and need an appointment that aligns with your hectic schedule, rather than working your already crazy schedule around your beauty appointments.

It’s also great for traveling, or when you have a beauty emergency – such as losing a nail – and your go-to girl is fully booked.



The trust factor

When you browse through the salons in the app, you can look at images of the salons and a portfolio of their work – so you know exactly what to expect before you book.  WhatSalon encourages users to leave reviews, so you can hear first-hand what it’s like to go to the salon. This gives you a certain level of trust that the salon you choose will be exactly what you are looking for.

Beauty is

Being in the beauty industry, our goal has been to simplify beauty.  To simplify bookings for you. And to simplify booking calendars and filling bookings for salons.  

We found ourselves faced with the question:  What is beauty?

Beauty is confidence.

Beauty is dynamic.

Beauty is variety.  

Beauty is strength.  

Beauty is soft.  

Beauty is ambitious.  

Beauty is kind.  

Beauty is tall.

Beauty is petite.

Beauty is curly.

Beauty is straight.

Beauty is bold.

Beauty is subtle.

Beauty is living outside the box, coloring outside the lines.

Beauty is aspiring for your dreams.

Beauty is working hard to achieve those dreams.

Beauty is bedtime stories.

Beauty is a well-deserved glass of wine.

Beauty is simple.

There are so many definitions of beauty.  It can’t be boxed in to one certain look. If we all looked the same, life would be boring.

We don’t believe in impossible beauty standards.  We believe the real beauty is you. Keeping your outside as beautiful as your insides just makes you FEEL good.  And that’s real beauty.

We want to reflect this in our app – accommodating a wide array of beauty needs.  We also want to reflect it in our marketing and the public perception of who we are.

We want to simplify YOUR definition of beauty!

Because ultimately, beauty is simple.


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