What Makes Your Salon Unique?

Does your salon stand out in the market? Do you promote yourself in a way that’s memorable for potential clients that really makes your salon unique? In a market that’s as busy and packed as the hair and beauty salon industry, these things are more important now than ever before. Whether it’s your salon’s vibe, your unique treatments or your must-see social media and YouTube channel, you need something that gives your salon a USP (unique selling point) and you need to let everyone know about it, now.

Here, we take a look at just a few things salons might do and promote to ensure their clients know that their salon is a one-off.

Organic or Natural Products

From the rise of veganism to the growth of sustainability awareness, consumers are now more conscious of what they are putting into and onto their bodies. Customers want healthy products that work well and have been made sustainably and without hurting both the environment or any animals.

Promoting your salon as completely organic, natural or vegan could be one great way to make your business unique and stand out in a bustling market. If this is your salon’s USP, are you promoting it enough to really make the most of it?



Unique Techniques or Services

One way that your salon might be unique is the services and treatments on offer for your customers. Are you or a staff member trained in something unusual? Can you offer your clients something that they just can’t find anywhere else?

This is a great way to stand out against your salon competition, as well as coming up on local searches for more unique treatment enquiries online. If your USP is your unique services or treatments, it’s all about your marketing. From social media to the correct SEO of your website, ensure that anyone on the hunt for a new salon finds you first.


Serious VIPs?

When it comes to VIPs, it’s now not all about high profile celebrities gracing your doorway. With the influence that social media accounts can now have on an entire generation, social influencers are now the new celeb. And having a few of these VIPs visiting your salon could be the added promotion you’ve always been looking for. From beauty and makeup Instagram stars to fashion bloggers and reality TV stars, influencer marketing is now a key part of most marketing strategies.  

With micro influencers having a higher engagement than many accounts with a 100K+ following, there’s open opportunity to get the right influencer into your salon and promoting your services, making it unique in your area and a go-to spot for anyone needing a treatment.

You’ll most likely already know what it is that makes your salon unique. If you do, promote it, ensuring everyone else knows too and if you don’t, this is where you really need to narrow down the aspects that can make your salon stand out in this crowded space.

From your products to your services, what’s your salon’s USP?


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