What Your Nail Shape Says About You

If you think you’ve mastered a poker face that keeps your thoughts and personality under wraps until you’re ready, you might just be missing a trick. It turns out your nails can explain a lot more about you than you ever thought possible and they might just be giving away all your secrets without you even knowing.

Whether you’re a natural or an acrylic kinda girl, a short and neat or long and talon-like lover, your nail shape can say quite a lot about you. Take a look at the different nail shapes below and let us know if we’ve got you sussed!




Probably one of the most natural nail shapes, rounded nails are mostly shorter, filed at the edges for a classic finish. Opting for this nail shape proves you are classic and practical. You can have the boldest colour or glitter in town, but you won’t allow your nails to get in your way, which also means your ambitious and often fairly serious.

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There’s a certain boldness with a really square nail. They can be short or a little longer, but the sharp square edges reveal a sharpness in your character that exudes knowing exactly what you want. You didn’t get these nails by accident.

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Soft, feminine but not quite as natural as rounded shapes nails, the oval reflects a sense of romance and passion and a belief in your own femininity. This shape nail promotes purposeful elegance and an acknowledgement of an effort towards flawlessness but in a discreet and refined way.

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Almonds are longer and sharper than ovals, which shows you want to be a little bit more adventurous. However, you didn’t go the whole hog into Stiletto (see below), so it reflects your internal struggle with cautiousness. You’ve risk assessed the nail situation and decided to keep it chic, but you also have an inner urge to be bold and make a statement.

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Coffin-shaped nails are long and smooth with a sharp, squared-off end. Square nails but more. They’re also known as ballerina nails. These nails are one of the hottest for snapping that perfect Insta-nails pic, which reflects your on-trend style and of-the-moment thinking. This shape usually requires some acrylic or gel help or you’re likely to chip a corner, which means you have a certain level of high-maintenance about your character and you love to get glam.

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You, my friend, are extra. The stiletto is like the almond shape but with even more wow. They’re long, sharp and you won’t be picking anything up off the floor for yourself with these talons, you’ll have people dropping at your feet for you.

This is quite a new shape in terms of classic nail styles but it’s getting hotter as the year goes on. This shows creativity, boldness, confidence and the ability to not take yourself too seriously. Although, there’s no denying that this is some serious nail shaping.

So, next time you’re at the salon, what do you want your nails to be saying about you?

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