Why Salon Reviews Can Help You & How to Get Them

Online reviews for your salon might not be at the very top of your priority list. From taking care of your staff and filling the appointments diary to ordering your product stock, owning and running your own salon means coordinating a multitude of tasks at once and often reviews can be left behind as one of the lesser important aspects of running your business.

However, reviews can be an essential business process in terms of attracting new clientele, as well as fighting through the online competition in your niche and area.

So, today we’re looking at why salon reviews are so important and how you could be getting them from your customers more often.





24/7 Promo

Online reviews are promoting your salon at all times throughout the day and night. Whether you’re open or closed or have a Facebook advert running or not, your online reviews are working in your favour, advertising your business for you to people who are immediately interested.

Google Google Google

Google is incredibly important to every salon and if you want to show for local Google searches and improve your ranking, online Google reviews are going to help you get there.




Word of Mouth

It’s an old-school marketing term but when it comes to salons, word-of-mouth is just as important as ever. Having online word-out-mouth through reviews is simply the newest and most on-trend way to let your customers recommend you to others, even to people they don’t know!

Safeguard from Bad Reviews

No matter how hard you try, you can’t always please everyone. In the salon world, that means from time to time, you’re going to experience a bad review. If that bad review is posted online amongst a very sparse display of other reviews, it’s bound to shine bright like a beacon to potential new clients. If that one bad review is submerged by a plethora of raving reviews, chances are, it won’t make too much impact.


You should always be ready and willing to learn from your client’s critique so that you can improve and evolve your business, continually raising your standards. Getting real feedback from your past clients can help you make changes to ensure every future customer has the very best experience.



So, now we’ve looked at why online reviews are so important for your salon, how can you get them? We’ve got some tips to help.

5* Customer Service

It kind of goes without saying but we’ll say it anyway, you can’t expect a raving review without the best customer service in the game. So, ensure you and your stylists are all on the sane page in terms of expectations when it comes to customer service and think about ways you can make your clients’ experience even better.




Give Them a Reward

Everyone loves a freebie or even a %-off voucher. So, give your customers a real reason to take the time to give you an online review by offering them something in return for doing so.


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Promote It

Ensure a link to your reviews is easily accessible on your website. This way, anytime your customers visit your site, they’ll be reminded, and you will have made it straight-forward, quick and easy to get to the review page.

Get Your Stylists in On It

Rather than leaving all the hard work down your receptionist or even your website, encourage your stylists to chat to their best customers about your reviews, inspiring them to log on and leave one for themselves. To help remind your staff how important reviews are, incentivise them with a treat if they manage to achieve certain number each month.

Online salon reviews aren’t the quickest form of marketing to tick off but they are still an important part of your strategy that shouldn’t be forgotten. Take these easy-to-implement techniques and see if you can boost your online reviews, this month.



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